Solid acrylic resins

Our resin technology for solids acrylics is used in both coatings and inks for high-speed packaging lines. Our technical team at Covestro has excellent particle size control in acrylics, with an intimate knowledge of how to control the chemistry and processes. In fact, our solid acrylic beads are available in a wide range of concentrations (between 15 micrometers and 2 millimeters) for added customer flexibility, and can be dissolved in either solvents or alkaline solutions.


Available in various concentrations.


Fast drying, ideal for fast lines.


Available in liquid or solid form.

Teaching an ‘old dog’ new tricks

“Suspension polymerization is an area where Covestro has always been strong – we are one of only a handful of companies in the world that really knows this technology. The concept of creating solid acrylics small enough to remain suspended in liquid is not a new one. But now we’re exploring some exciting new innovation avenues for this technology – for example, in some high-end packaging applications. 

Solid acrylics provide a wide range of different feels and haptic effects, and that’s an area where we know brands are increasingly focusing. So, as far as we’re concerned here at Covestro, there’s more to come for this exciting technology!” 

Tijs Nabuurs, Covestro Science Manager

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