Uralac® EasyCure for powder coating: the best of both worlds

Uralac® EasyCure P 3225

New opportunities with a low bake or fast cure architectural HAA system

There is a clear global market demand for powder coatings that can cure at lower temperature or faster than current solutions. This has created a need for a 95/5 high gloss architectural HAA powder coating that can cure at low temperatures or in shorter times.

To meet this demand and to complement the Uralac® EasyCure HAA portfolio, a 95/5 low bake/fast cure architectural polyester has been developed: Uralac® EasyCure P 3225. 

This latest addition to our polyester family offers a unique combination of coating benefits at 160°degrees cure, and has a positive effect on carbon footprint in comparison with standard systems. In particular, the new EasyCure resin delivers good outdoor durability, non-blooming, good storage stability and an excellent flow, while reducing the energy consumption of the curing process. 

The new resin has been rolled out globally and is available for sampling. As such, customers around the world can already enjoy the key aesthetic and functional benefits delivered by Uralac® EasyCure P 3225. 

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