Uralac® Corres P 7684: the super-durable powder coating solution

Corrosion protection that lasts longer than current super-durable powder paints

Uralac® Corres P 7684, the latest addition to the Corres corrosion-protection portfolio, is a 96/4 super-durable polyester that delivers excellent corrosion resistance and superb durability in a single coat, with a reduced carbon footprint. It meets the coating industries growing demand for coatings with improved corrosion resistance and outdoor durability.

High-performance protection in a single coat

In just one coat, Uralac® Corres P 7684 delivers a high-gloss, super-durable coating that provides the outstanding corrosion resistance and outdoor durability required for architectural applications and agriculture, construction, and earth-moving equipment (ACE). It’s an epoxy-free system, making it more cost-effective. What’s more, Uralac® Corres P 7684 also offers non-blooming, good flow, and good storage stability – for a finish that lasts, again and again.

Shaping more sustainable coatings

Thanks to its one-layer system, Uralac® Corres P 7684 enables applicators to avoid the use of potentially harmful pre-treatment chemicals and epoxy primers. What’s more, it’s also tin-free* – providing a solution that’s good for people and the planet.

Key properties

Excellent corrosion resistance ✓
Proven excellent outdoor durability ✓
Super-durable grade ✓
Non-blooming ✓
Tin-free* ✓
Good flow ✓
Good storage stability ✓
Total curing time: 12 minutes at 180 °C ✓
* tin is not intentionally added to Uralac® P 7684

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