The process that gets everything out of our fastest powder coating chemistry

ImFuse®, enabling a radical new curing process

Unlike conventional powder coating technology, ImFuse® works by instant heating the powder layer gently with a hot press to cure the powder coating at high speeds and at low temperatures, resulting in short takt time in a cycle through feed press or even enabling a full continuous process. This is quicker than the fastest current powder coating process for heat sensitive substrates. The instant heat transfer not only reduces the heat load to the substrate, but also the carbon footprint and process time.

ImFuse® fast and efficient flat horizontal application

Opening up new decorative possibilities

ImFuse® opens up a range of new decorative possibilities to coat flat surfaces, it provides an opportunity to differentiate finished products through 3D effects and a broad range of gloss levels. Whether you are looking for a smooth surface, dead matte, high gloss or other special effects, these can easily be delivered by ImFuse® process technology.

The special decors typical from the leather, paper and composite industries, such as wood grain and leather look, are all possible within the scope of ImFuse® technology. What’s more, the wide range of finishes and haptic possibilities can be delivered across a wide spectrum of different substrate types – from MDF, Particle board and HDF, to real wood and beyond – offering manufacturers an unprecedented design freedom.


Simple, low pressure process


Fast low temperature cure < 1 minute at 130°C - 150°C


The press process reduces steps; less packaging, transport and finishing processes


Good flexibility
Scratch & Chemical resistance
Easy to clean

Flexibility of design

A wide spectrum of different substrate types - from MDF and Particle board to real wood


Healthier and more Eco-friendly than solvent- or water-based coatings Up to 5x lower Carbon foodprint

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