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UV resins for coatings

Our growing technology toolbox for UV and energy curable resins is based on our conviction that this technology has the potential to revolutionize the coatings industry. In addition to their instantaneous drying times and zero VOC content, our UV resins are delivering outstanding performance across a range of markets – from boosting adhesion in labels and foils for food packaging to increasing the efficiency and safety of paper and board printing, to providing a viable alternative to traditional urethanes in the growing flex flooring sector. 

Our technical team at Covestro tests our UV, waterborne UV and powder UV resins, with a firm focus on helping you create a healthier, more sustainable product that delivers an equally healthy profit. 

Broad portfolio of energy curable resins

Our broad portfolio of radcure resins includes monomers, epoxy and polyester acrylates, acrylate and solid acrylics, and amine acrylates.


Containing zero VOCs


Immediate drying times


Excellent adhesion and resistance


Waterborne hybrids available

Waterborne UV resins

For certain industrial applications – in the print and packaging market for example – there’s only one waterborne technology that can compete with traditional two-component systems… and that’s waterborne UV (urethanes). 

We make these high molecular-weight resins suspended in water for curing later – a much easier process because the resin is easier, and less sticky, to work with. In turn, this high molecular weight has made these resins ideal for use by our customers in various non-migratory food packaging applications.

Moving away from mercury in China

“It’s a given that our customers want a good, balanced product, but, increasingly, we’re looking at new ways to innovate in our UV resin portfolio. Just one example is in China, where traditional mercury lamps used for UV curing are being phased out – possibly as early as 2021, according to some. 
Fortunately, the team here at Covestro has already developed resins that exhibit the right combination of properties when LED cured. In fact, we think LEDs could eventually represent the future for this industry. Our AgiSyn™ product already offers great flexibility and functionality, and now we’re working hard to find ways to boost this performance even further.”

Emilio Martin, Global Industry Manager, UV

Our portfolio

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