Join us to make a positive impact that benefits everyone

How can we make a positive impact together?

High-performance products that are environmentally sustainable and healthy to work with are the future. Answering the demand for products that don’t pollute, poison or create litter, is not just the morally right thing to do, or a great business idea – it is the only long-term business strategy. This is the basis of our ‘impact challenge’.

At Covestro, we have extensive experience and expertise in the technologies that are the building blocks for sustainable coatings products. We decided a decade ago that we needed an alternative to solvent-based solutions. So, we started moving away from our solvent business, and innovating new sustainable technologies, such as water-, powder-, plant- and UV-based technologies.  

We are not alone. 

Governments, consumers, progressive companies, and many of the world’s leading brands share our vision. Today, our clients can grow their business – without increasing their negative impact on the planet.

For the coatings industry this means evolving the way we formulate and produce coatings solutions. at Covestro resins we are addressing four key issues:

We phase out chemicals of high concern

We reduce VOCs to improve and protect indoor and outdoor air quality

We reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities and products

We increase the use of biobased ingredients across our product portfolio

For decades Covestro has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable coatings solutions, strategically choosing to divest solvent borne and focus on waterborne solutions, and now biobased technologies. Our commitment has now placed sustainability at the core of our growth strategy, to be the preferred partner for companies seeking high performance, sustainable coatings solutions. We already have sustainable technologies, in the near future we believe it is necessary and inevitable that every manufacturer in the coatings industry adopts sustainable practices.

Sustainable technologies

There are some major global issues - health, climate change and resource scarcity - where our science and innovation can make a meaningful difference. We have sustainable technologies. Let’s change the way we make coatings.

Change through the value chain

By founding the Waterborne China Platform (WBCP), we have been able to reach to the entire value chain – from raw material suppliers to coatings suppliers and major container manufacturers – to engineer a change in attitude.

Eco-friendly powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates

To address the market demand for higher-quality powder coatings, Covestro developed Uralac® Ultra: a breakthrough technology that enables first-time-right powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF and a variety of other wood types.

All together now

The trilateral collaboration between Weekamp Deuren, PPG Wood Finishes and Covestro Resins & Functional Materials underlines the potential advantages of bringing together parties throughout the value chain and pooling expertise.

Delivering more sustainable packaging solutions

Distinctive packaging can be a key differentiator for brands, but consumers are also increasingly concerned about the sustainability and safety of packaging.

Growing demand for clean living

To meet the market’s demands and drive the circularity of the furniture industry, Covestro Resins & Functional Materials continues to develop a range of coatings that enable higher-performance and more sustainable coatings.

A strong demand for cleaner paint

In particular, through its portfolio of high-performance resins made using water- and plant-based technology, Covestro is delivering viable alternatives to the traditional resins with a radically superior environmental and health profile.

Driving a more sustainable inkjet printing future

To further develop its portfolio of inkjet resins, Covestro continues to work closely with its customers and partners throughout the value chain. In particular, Covestro collaborates with the aim of creating tailored solutions of well-balanced and more sustainable waterborne resins that deliver the reliable performance that is critical for high-speed single pass printing lines.

A new sustainability horizon

Over the past few years, with Decovery®, Covestro has started a new revolution. Covestro has invested in a new technology to create even more sustainable paints and coatings that replaces oil-based materials in paint with plant-based materials.

A new horizon for paperboard coatings

Covestro’s range of paperboard barrier coating resins enable a more circular economy and reduced resource consumption by driving the reworkability of paperboard substrates.

NIAGA® - 100% recyclable carpets

In a break from conventional manufacturing, our Niaga team has been able to design a carpet that uses only pure materials, requires 95% less energy to manufacture than mainstream lamination processes, and can easily be recycled.

Sustainable coatings for the seed industry

With our global population expected to reach close to 10 billion by 2050, and natural resources such as land, water and fertilizer already under pressure. Agricultural production needs to become more efficient. Particular, the current widespread practice of using synthetic coatings with limited bio-degradability on seeds. Therefore, Covestro and Dynaplak created joint venture to develop Covestro-Amulix; bio-based seed coatings to tackle the issue of microplastic pollution in the agricultural market.

Enabling a more connected world

Around the world, there has never been a stronger demand for connectivity. In particular, video-streaming, new web applications and connected devices are fueling consumer demand for content anytime, anywhere, and creating a surge of bandwidth demand for today’s fixed and mobile network operators. And, with the coming 5G technology requiring even higher bandwidths, the demand for higher-performance fiber cable technology will only increase.

Developing LED-enabled fiber optic cable coatings

Demand for high-speed telecommunication connectivity, and in particular high-quality fiber optic cables, is growing rapidly. Manufacturers around the world are looking to meet these increasing demands not only by delivering higher performance end products, but also by improving their manufacturing practices. 

Partnering up for more sustainable tourism

On 1 July, The Green Elephant, an eco-friendly hostel in Maastricht, will officially open its doors. The hostel will showcase several of our solutions – including fully recyclable Niaga® carpets and paints, lacquers and primers made with our plant-based Decovery® coating resin – and is sure to set a shining example to today’s hospitality sector.


Want to know more?

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