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Sustainable Portfolio

We will develop the most sustainable product portfolio within our industry.  

  • We will accelerate the phase-out all chemicals of high concern from our finished products. We already started this journey and it’s our ambition to have no sales of products containing chemicals of high concerns by 2025. More information.
  • On average about 90% of the carbon footprint of every kg of products we sell is caused by the raw materials we use. Therefore, we have a target to reduce indirect value chain emissions by 28% per ton of product produced by 2030 (vs 2016).
  • To accelerate this carbon-footprint reduction, Covestro Resins and Functional Materials commits to ensuring by 2030 that at least 30% of the raw materials it sources are bio-based and/or recycled materials. 

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our sustainability targets, please reach out to us.

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