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Sustainable Operations

We will become one of the most sustainable producers within our industry. 

  • In line with Covestro’s sustainability roadmap we, by 2030, will reduce our GHG emissions by 30% in absolute numbers compared to 2016. As a means to achieve this, at least 75% of our purchased electricity will be renewable, and we will improve our overall energy efficiency annually by >1% on average.
  • By 2020, will reduce all emissions-to-air from our operations by 40%.
  • On top of this we will by 2022 have zero waste to landfill. 

Everyone, and every location is committed. Step one to reducing our carbon footprint is to switch our sites to renewable energy. Our European operations are powered 100% by renewable electricity.

Driving clean and sustainable operations

While the Covestro site in Waalwijk has always proudly delivered best-in-class products, some of the operational facilities had – until recently – been consuming more energy than was necessary. Specifically, by the mid-2010s, the site’s ongoing improvement efforts had to focus on driving energy efficiency and cutting its carbon footprint. 

Taking key steps to a cleaner future in China

In 2018, the Covestro Pingtung site put in place two key sustainability initiatives: (1) switching from heavy fuel oil to low-sulfur fuel for its main burner systems, and (2) replacing an old thermal oil boiler system with one that integrates a heat recovery system.

Meeting demand for waterborne resins

Over the past six years, driven by growing environmental consciousness and stricter regulations concerning solvent borne resins, the market for waterborne resin technology in China has boomed. To address this growing demand, the Covestro site in Shunde, which produces these waterborne resins, needed to step up its capacity – and step it up in a big way. 

Open doors, solar rooftops in meppen, Germany

Embracing next generation sustainable operations in Meppen, Germany. Above all, Meppen’s energy program has focused on increasing its use of sustainably sourced energy, and on reducing its energy consumption. In particular, solar panels.

Saving energy, increasing efficiency in Santa Margarida, Spain

In 2015, The Covestro site in Santa Margarida site began a major eco-focused, energy-efficiency program to reduce the carbon footprint and further align with Covestro’s sustainability strategy, as well as supporting an increase in plant productivity. 

Tackling waste the right way

The Covestro site in Zhangbin, Taiwan, is crucial to the organization’s operations in Asia and Asia Pacific, producing a wide range of innovative resins. The site not only takes a leadership position in the products it develops – it also likes to lead the way in the sustainability of its operations and its overall impact on the environment.

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