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Despite the immense progress our industry has made in reducing the use of Chemicals of Concern, the reality is that, today, paint, coatings and adhesives still could impact our environment or health. Take for example volatile organic compounds (VOCs), people are breathing in these compounds in vapors from the paints and coatings used in everyday products. The long-term negative health effects are now well understood. It is concerning that concentrations of many VOCs are significantly higher indoors, in our homes and where we work, the places where we spend the most of our time.  

While various regulators around the world are taking steps to reduce the use of Chemicals of Concern even further, there is no single global organization driving the reduction of these chemicals in coatings, which means it’s up to all of us to make it happen.  

This is why product stewardship is a major part of our health and sustainability agenda at Covestro. In the case of coating resins, it  means striving to reduce the risk of human exposure to Chemicals of Concern – not just VOCs, but also substances all along the supply chain. 

One of our key sustainability commitments is to positively impact the health of all people. We innovate technologies from low-to-zero VOC plant-based paint resins like Decovery®, to VOC-free powder-coating resins like our Uralac® Ultra and our UV curable resin portfolio; to shifting the container industry from solventborne to waterborne technology in China – we are driven to create a brighter, safer, cleaner coatings industry that benefits everyone.

Moving entire markets needs collaboration, innovation, and purpose driven leadership. We actively invite partners who see the opportunity to change the status quo, who we can enable with our clean technologies and expertise

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