Join us to make a positive impact that benefits everyone

How can we make a positive impact together?

Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. We use our bright science to create solutions for people today and generations to come.

We are a purpose-led, performance-driven company that considers people, planet and profit to be equally important.

Our scientific expertise and innovative power are helping us to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, supporting our business growth and providing value to all our customers, shareholders, employees, and society at large.

It’s time to raise the bar again and use our unique position to inspire our people and partners to achieve more together and create brighter lives for all.


Our impact challenge

How do we continue to improve our standard of living without having a negative impact on the earth, and our future health?Until recently, the innovation culture in our industry was relentlessly improving product performance. And in this goal, it has been successful; our coatings, adhesives and materials are far superior compared to 50 years ago. Most of the industry is still competing hard to make better products. 

We innovate and produce high-performance products, but not at any cost. Why would we keep making paints with resins that release vapors damaging to health, when we have proven that there is a clean-air alternative? Why keep recommending solvent-based resins to make paints, adhesives and ink, when we have proven that there are cleaner and safer alternatives? At Covestro, we have a clear vision of the future of our resins industry, and a unique opportunity to be the catalyst to accelerate sustainable change.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our sustainability targets, please reach out to us.