Putting the pedal to the metal

Making metal marvelous

From cans and containers to the largest agricultural and construction vehicles – it’s all about metal (and, specifically, aluminum). Despite its many benefits, metal has one unique feature above all others: it corrodes. Understanding how and why this happens – across an ever-broader range of industries and applications – is just one of the things we’re doing to create high-performance coating systems that look great and stand the test of time. 

In Covestro’s case, this adds up to some 60 years of creating protective resins for metal across a range of technologies including, of course, powder coating – which we invented.

Testing the metal with waterborne resins

“It’s difficult for metal applications, where anti-corrosion properties are so important, to move away from solventborne systems. For example, in the OEM market, e-coat still reigns supreme. 

However, at Covestro, our R&D team has already developed a number of functioning 1K waterborne self-cross-linking products. We still need to optimize these new resins for the right end application and ensure they have the right price-performance ratio. But once this has been achieved, we believe the technology will offer significant advantages in terms of usability, durability and aesthetic quality, compared to the coatings technology currently available.”

Ap Heijenk, Industry Manager, Metal & Plastics

Winning the fight against corrosion

"We all know that corrosion of painted metal is a huge challenge for our coating customers and the various applications they work with - from automotive parts to flat panels, garden furniture, appliances (like washing machines, dryers) and industrial machinery.

Now at Covestro we're tackling perhaps an even greater challenge: how do you move away from epoxy-based binders for high-corrosion resistant coatings…while maintaining outstanding barrier properties?"

"The answer is our Uralac® CORRES family of powder coating resins. They offer outstanding corrosion resistance and barrier properties by working against the transportation of water and oxygen through the coating; and they also provide an enhanced interaction between polyester and substrate enabling a robust performance on bare metal, or less quality pre-treatment.

CORRES is available as both a primer and single-layer topcoat – where it offers superior adhesion to traditional epoxy systems, along with improved UV resistance."

"But most importantly, in addition to delivering performance, it's kind to people and planet - with a significantly lower carbon footprint that solvent borne systems, and reduction of chemicals used for pretreatment. It's a truly sustainable corrosion solution."

Robert van den Berg Jeths, Technical Application Manager

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