Understanding the material world

What’s the story on substrates?

Understanding the properties of a coating is important. But it doesn’t help our customers unless we also bring an in-depth understanding of the substrates we apply them to. Which is why, here at Covestro, we strive every day to extend our knowledge of substrates like wood, metal, paper, plastic, optical fiber, leather & textiles and concrete & asphalt. And it’s why our technical teams spend days wondering about wood, testing metals and playing around with printers and plastic…

Coating solutions for leather & textiles

For more than 30 years, we’ve worked with applicators and formulators to create VOC-free waterborne coatings – single-layer, ready-to-use protective coatings – and breathable coatings perfect for outdoor wear, come rain or shine. Whether it’s domestic textiles such as carpets and curtains, industrial textiles that require extreme strength and durability, or sports and leisure clothing that let moisture out while stopping water and other fluids getting in, our innovations for textiles & leather are tailored to the needs of the industry.

Explore our Solucote® family of protective resins for textiles.

TFL Partnership

“At Covestro, we’re focused on using our science-based competences to enable a better world for more people,” says Marc Roelands, Business Director, Coating Resins and Functional Materials. “Our new cooperation agreement with TFL is a great example of how we can partner with other organizations to create value not only for ourselves, but society at large. By working together, we’ll develop innovative PUD systems for leather finishes – ones that are both more sustainable and higher performance.”

Coating solutions for concrete & asphalt

For many years, our protective resins have played an integral part in demanding coatings for concrete & asphalt. In fact, our technology is used in road markings, anti-graffiti coatings and concrete garage floor coatings, which need to resist occasional oil and chemical spillages. Products such as our Haloflex™ family of vinyl acrylics deliver great adhesion – in the toughest conditions imaginable. 

Explore our Haloflex™ family of resins for concrete & asphalt.

Could we help you solve your coating challenge?

No matter what the application, substrate or technology, there’s a good chance our team can help you.