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The portfolio

We’ve adapted our product families over time to address a wide range of needs for our customers. If you’re unable to find the precise formulation you’re looking for via our product finder, please contact us directly. One of our technical or application experts will be delighted to help you.

Our product families


A wide range of monomers and oligomers suitable for 100% energy-curable resins.


High-performance materials for upjacketing optical fiber via a fast, one step process. More>


Fast-curing inks optimized for loose tube and ribbon designs in optical fiber cables. More>


A plant-based family of paint resins ideal for many applications.


Optical fiber coatings for high-speed production and superior fiber attenuation performance. More>


Our vinyl acrylic copolymer with zero VOCs that provides excellent adhesion to metal.            


A family of unique enriched modular acrylic resins. More>


A family of waterborne acrylic resins for a variety of applications.


Waterborne and 100% energy-curable resins for coatings and graphic arts.


Alkyd-and-acrylic urethane hybrids that outperform comparable blended systems.



Waterborne and solventborne urethane resins that give tough finishings for wooden floors or luxury feel and color enhancement for printed packaging.


The bases of a family of powerful overprint varnishes that add funky tactile effects to all kinds of packaging. More>



Formulated waterborne polyurethane resins for functional textiles.


Our family of powder and can/coil coating resins.


Uralac® Ultra

An innovative resin for first-time-right powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates like MDF. More>


Waterborne alkyds and polyesters (the former are up to 90% based on renewable resources). 

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In case you are looking for product information like product data sheets (PDS) or safety data sheets (SDS) you can download these documents directly from the product finder.

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