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If you’re looking to take advantage of growing interest in direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, then you’ve come to the right place. As coating resin specialists, we know there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when formulating coatings. You’ll need a resin that can help deliver the specific qualities offered by your final application – whether that’s a high gloss, excellent corrosion resistance, or simply all-round performance and cost-efficiency.

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With five distinct products in our DTM “family”, we have one of the widest selections of coating resin solutions available on the marketplace. Each product has its own unique material properties and value-added qualities, so that, with Covestro, you’ll always find the answers you need.

Haloflex™ 202

Uradil™ AZ765

NeoCryl® XK-82

NeoCryl® XK-85

NeoCryl® XK-117

Haloflex™ 202: The tough environment tackler

Our Haloflex™ 202 solution is a fast-drying, non-flammable acrylic copolymer resin with a high solid content. Offering outstanding resistance to corrosion, humidity and gasoline, as well as salt spray and bacterial growth, this high-strength resin enables coatings to withstand tough environments and harsh climates, providing a formidable barrier against water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
These unique resistance qualities make Haloflex™ 202 the DTM resin of choice for chassis parts and other essential internal and external product applications where durability and performance outweigh gloss and finish quality.

If you’re tackling corrosion and tough environments, Haloflex™ 202 is the product you want by your side. 

Uradil™ AZ765: The boss of gloss

Uradil™ AZ765 is a xylene-free medium-oil alkyd emulsion based on soya bean fatty acids. The unique formulation of this high-performance resin produces a high gloss level, making it the perfect choice for customers who are aiming to produce great-looking coatings with a shiny, glossy finish.

Offering the lowest VOC levels of any product in our DTM portfolio, Uradil™ AZ765 is also the ideal choice for internal metal substrates, while also providing the blocking resistance and durability required for external applications, including corrosion-resistant paint and coating solutions.

So, for glossy coatings that shine brightly but also protect, you know who’s boss.

NeoCryl® XK-82: The value-engineered king

NeoCryl® XK-82 is an acrylic styrene copolymer emulsion that supports a wide variety of coating applications. With an excellent price-to-performance ratio, this member of our DTM resin family offers excellent value for money, while balancing gloss and finish with good adhesion and resistance qualities.

Our resin is the reliable choice when fast drying and medium corrosion resistance are good enough, offering good adhesion to wide range of metal substrates. With its wide formulation latitude, NeoCryl® XK-82 can be used to formulate a wide range of coating applications, including anti-corrosive systems, and can also be used in combination with urethanes and alkyds.

When it comes to flexibility and all-round performance at a great price, this king reigns supreme.

NeoCryl® XK-85: Our versatile workhorse

NeoCryl® XK-85 is a small particle size styrene acrylic emulsion designed for coatings that need to deliver outstanding corrosion, water and humidity resistance. A true all-rounder, this versatile, formulation-friendly resin enables coatings for a wide range of metal substrates and is suitable for use in different environments.

Our resin’s exceptional corrosion resistance and adhesion qualities, together with a fast drying speed and high gloss level, make NeoCryl® XK-85 a reliable DTM formulation choice for both interior and exterior coating applications. It also combines well with polyurethane dispersions to optimize mechanical surface properties.

Every family needs its hard-working member – whatever the application, whatever the challenge, NeoCryl® XK-85 does what’s asked of it.

NeoCryl® XK-117: The body builder

The latest addition to our DTM resin family, NeoCryl® XK-117 is a waterborne high solid styrene acrylic emulsion, specifically developed for use in DTM coatings. With its unique solid content level (51%), this high-performance solution delivers an exceptional body and a high gloss level, as well as outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-humidity properties.

What’s more, NeoCryl® XK-117 comes with strong adhesion qualities, a high film build, and excellent hot-box and shear stability. It is easy to formulate, enabling production of a wide range of DTM coating applications. It is particularly well suited to high-build exterior and interior coatings where both high corrosion resistance and a strong, glossy appearance are required.

If you’re looking for the perfect building block for your coating solution, NeoCryl® XK-117 could be just the full-bodied solution you need.

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