Press release

DSM completes phase-out of NMP from its coating resins portfolio

Waalwijk (NL), 4 November 2020

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today announces that it has successfully eliminated 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, commonly known as NMP, from its resins product portfolio. In this way, DSM underlines its commitment to its ambitious sustainability targets in coating resins. The phase-out also reinforces DSM’s dedication to working with customers and partners to drive health and safety standards across the industry.

Over the past few years, scientific research has increasingly underlined NMP’s potential health impact, including skin and respiratory irritation and pregnancy disruptions. As such, NMP has been the subject of growing concern for industrial and civil authorities around the world. In May 2019, DSM committed to eliminating NMP from its product portfolio as part of the most comprehensive phase-out program of toxic chemicals in the coatings industry. This program aims to remove all chemicals of high concern from finished products by 2025.

In phasing out NMP, DSM leveraged its leading scientific and technological capabilities. Specifically, it worked closely with customers and partners across the industry to develop futureproof alternative coating solutions without compromising on functional or aesthetic performance. As such, the phase-out is a proofpoint of DSM’s collaborative approach and commitment to proactive product stewardship. Indeed, it was completed without any overall related loss in sales or business.

Martin Vlak, Managing Director, DSM Coating Resins: “We are extremely proud to have delivered on our ambition of phasing out NMP. By working together with partners, we can achieve our common goal: a safer and healthier coatings industry. Together, we have taken an important leadership stance on a key issue and have delivered on our promise. We greatly appreciated the dedication of our customers to successfully reformulating their products and are committed to continuing to futureproof their businesses. Looking ahead, we will keep building on our commitments, seize key sustainable opportunities, and drive our industry forward!”