Press release

DSM Coating Resins announces price increases for its powder coating resins for both North America and EMEA, as per 15 October 2020

Wilmington (MA), US, 15 Oct 2020

DSM Coating Resins announced today that North American prices for its Uralac® range of polyester powder coating resins will increase by $0.03-$0.06 USD/pound ($0.06-$0.13 USD/kg) for all formulations. 

Additionally, the prices for its Uralac® range of solid polyester resins for powder coatings will, depending on product, increase by 0.05 to 0.11 €/kg for shipments in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Latin America.  

Both increases, for North America and EMEA respectively, are in effect from October 15th, 2020, or as contracts allow.  These price increases are due to an increased cost of feedstocks.