Helen Mets: Talking purpose with Accenture

Accenture Insights interviews Helen Mets about how our purpose-led strategy is enabling our successful transformation

Good News! Helen Mets was recently interviewed by Accenture Insights about how our purpose-led strategy is enabling our successful transformation, and why the best is yet to come

From the importance of diversity & inclusion in building our organizational culture to how it’s not only possible but necessary for businesses to do well by doing good, our President Helen Mets covered a lot of ground in her recent interview with Accenture Insights. Above all, Helen outlines how our purpose-led strategy gives us an advantage in staying ahead of the curve and shaping a resilient business, and why we can be optimistic when looking to the future… 

“I hope that, in 2050, we are still looking ahead to the future and seeing how we can use our expertise and competences to enable a brighter world in the second half of this century,” says Helen. “To reach this vision, we need to stay true to ourselves as a company and continue to think outside the box. Building this we will involve commitment and hard work – but the good news is - we’ve done it all before.”

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