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What is your ink printing challenge? 

Our experience in traditional printing translates into ink resin solutions that intensify colors, sharpen details, and create higher contrast without compromising performance.

We’ve been at the forefront of developing ink resins in the printing sector for over 30 years and continue to set new trends with the newest printing techniques. Our highly advanced R&D activities design solutions with the following technologies: waterborne ink resins, solventborne ink resins and energy curable (UV/EB) ink resins.

Ink resin solutions suitable for different substrates 

Discover our full ink resins portfolio for printing and packaging of 28 ink resin solutions with a unique set of properties. Available for different types of substrates in various industries including food & beverage, pet food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.




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Our top performing ink resin solutions

AgiSyn™ 705

AgiSyn™ 705 is a tetra-functional polyester acrylate with excellent lithographic behavior and pigment wetting for inks. 
It also exhibits good anti-misting properties and is an excellent building block to prepare pigment pastes for offset printing inks. 
Its low odor and low level of potential migratable substances makes it suitable for low- migration applications. 

Technology: Energy curable (UV/EB)

Applications: Flexible packaging 

NeoCryl® BT-107

NeoCryl® BT-107-S is an alkali soluble acrylic copolymer dispersion for use in flexo applications.
It is a cost-effective key-grade resin for pre- and post-print on corrugated board.
It is alkali-soluble with high viscosity after neutralization, and also has a linear dilution curve with excellent reversibility, fast film formation and good temperature resistance.

Technology: Water-borne

Applications: Paper & board                                                                          

NeoCryl® A-1127

Self-crosslinking emulsion resin NeoCryl® A-1127 offers the best chemical & physical resistance level on acrylics. Designed for surface printing onto polyolefines, polyesters and polyamide, and for coating metalized films. Also used in print-receptive, heat-seal, blister and embossing applications. It is an anionic acrylic emulsion with good adhesion on PE, OPP, PA, Aluminium, PET.

Technology: Water-borne

Applications: Flexible packaging                                                         

NeoRez® U-475

NeoRez® U-475 reaches the next level of universal performance in laminating ink applications. Specific features include high opacity in white, excellent high-speed printability behavior and excellent immediate adhesion properties on a broad variety of plastic films like OPP, PET, PE, and OPA. It can be formulated with nitrocellulose and PVB-based pigment concentrates.                                                  

Technology: Solvent-borne

Applications: Flexo and gravure printing                                                              

NeoRez® U-431

NeoRez® U-431 is a mild solventborne urethane, free of toluene and MEK, with high lamination bond strength including extrusion lamination. It exhibits excellent adhesion latitude onto various mainstream flexible films (OPP, PET, and Nylon) used for food packaging. NeoRez® U-431 is also suitable for dispersing both organic and inorganic pigments, providing the option to formulate sole binder systems.

Technology: Solvent-borne

Applications: Gravure printing

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