Decovery® in Packaging

The inks and coatings bio breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for

Globally, more than 3.24 million tons of inks, coatings and overprint varnishes are used by printers every year. That’s the same as 2kg for every human being*. This equates to 2kg of ink, coatings and overprint varnishes for every man, woman and child in the world. That’s enough to print 35 daily newspapers or 24,000 chocolate bar wrappers for every person on Earth! Too many of them, sadly, are made with harmful oil-based ingredients.

Covestro is on a mission to protect our planet, and our health, by removing oil from every part of the printing and packaging process. Thanks to our high quality, plant-based Decovery® resins, this ambition is closer to being a reality. It’s the next step on our journey as we aim for zero oil in inks and coatings.

How Decovery® packaging resins will help our world

Covestro's Decovery® portfolio is perfectly suited for the creation of high quality coating resins that meet the environmental demands of the packaging markets – they contain zero-to-low VOCs, yet can match or even exceed the performance of starch-based alternatives.

All our Decovery® resins are made exclusively from plant-based resources, such as bark and beans, which are sustainably sourced and don’t compete with the food chain.

The search for sustainable packaging

Consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. Top brands are committing to it. Are you ready to embrace this opportunity? 

Your journey to more sustainable packaging continues here

Where experience meets commitment. Our portfolio covers all packaging layers, and even includes innovative textured resins to drive product differentiation.

“People tend to appreciate the benefits of switching to plant-based paints. But many are unaware of the difference that plant-based adhesives can make. Once all adhesives are plant-based, we’ll save the planet 15 kilotons of carbon each year….that’s the equivalent of planting almost 250,000 trees every year for 10 years Adhesives are just the start. Imagine the environmental difference brand owners and manufacturers could make if primers, inks and topcoats on their packaging could be plant-based too.”

Jacqueline Revet, Global Marketing Manager

Decovery® resins for packaging applications

  • Decovery® SP-6200 XP

    Decovery® SP-6200 XP

    A self-crosslinking emulsion resin, is all about performance, in everything from deep freezer packaging to hamburger boxes and coffee cups.

  • Decovery® SP-6400 XP

    Decovery® SP-6400 XP

    A bio-based resin for label adhesives with 20 °C lower wash off temperature reduction which uses less NaOH and results in energy saving.

  • Decovery® D-2105

    Decovery® D-2105

    A bio-based inkjet ink resin that is very flexible and extremely resoluble for printing on absorbent substrates, such as paper and corrugated board.

The story behind Decovery®

The packaging market experiences a strong momentum towards sustainable technologies. Driven by end-consumer demand, brand owners have announced ambitious sustainability pledges. Now it is up to the entire industry to deliver on these challenging goals. Our plant-based Decovery® resins are perfectly suited to contribute to greater circularity and bio-based materials.

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