Coating resins for industrial general applications

At Covestro, we understand metal. Our resins for protective coatings are used across a broad range of metal-based general industrial applications, from ACE and heavy construction to industrial equipment, lawn and garden, metal fabrication and exercise equipment. 

In fact, our technology toolbox includes powder, waterborne, UV, and two-component systems to help you and your customers maximize production efficiencies for the coating industry. Our guarantee: our resins will create durable coating layers to protect products from all that nature, and man, can throw at them.

Putting the workhorse to work

“For our customers in industrial general-applied coatings, the resin needs to deliver process efficiency. This is especially true for smaller customers who don’t have unlimited technical resources and knowledge at their disposal. You could call our resins ‘a hammer to hit many nails’. But perhaps a better term is a ‘workhorse’. They work incredibly hard for our customers across a broad range of application areas, while bringing the speed and efficiency they need to be competitive.”

Ap Heijenk, Covestro Industry Manager, Metal & Plastics

Innovation in matte coatings

"When it comes to innovation in powder coating resins you could say that we’re ambidextrous: It's a two-handed approach.

On the one hand, we're working constantly and closely with customers on incremental improvements in formulations. On the other, we have our eye on longer-term, market-driven innovation – like our new One Shot Matte (OSM) system."

"Around two or three years ago our coating customers were asking us for a powder coating resin with a stable low gloss. From a technical standpoint it's very hard to achieve while also retaining the 'low bake' curing benefits associated with powder.

But this is the real benefit of being part of a global science company – because we were able to reach out to R&D colleagues with complementary knowledge and skills outside our resins business. To put that into perspective, Covestro really is unique in the breadth and variety of our materials science expertise, especially in polymers and related areas like extrusion."

"These colleagues in our central laboratory were able to give us unique insights into the matting technology that we needed to use – in particular maintaining the delicate balance between the chemistry and the physics of the coating so that it could cure at the lowest temperature and in the shortest time possible.

It has taken us nearly two years to implement this additional knowledge and perfect it, but now we have our One Shot Matte resin on the market. It really is unique in the way it combines low-gloss and low-bake - and that’s really what we are all about: identifying what customers want and need…and working as one big team to make it happen."

Paul Buijsen, Covestro Senior Scientist

Powder coating resins for the home

From aluminium window frames to steel doorframes, to central heating pipes, to lamps and lighting fixtures, our powder coating resins deliver great aesthetics and design flexibility in coating applications for the home. Our portfolio is available with a variety of cross-linkers including HAA, TGIC, epoxy and PT910 – giving you complete freedom in how you create different appearances and resistance levels in your coating.

Could we help you solve your coating challenge?

No matter what the application, substrate or technology, there’s a good chance our team can help you.