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Coating resins for joinery & façade

Whether it’s coating industrial wood or the aluminum on the outside of a building, our family of resins enables you to create a protective coating that lasts. Drawing on our application knowledge and comprehensive technology toolbox, we’ll help you create versatile resins that improve your process efficiency, drive down costs and increase ROI. Whether it’s waterborne or two-component systems for industrial joinery, or solvent borne resins for metal coils used in building façade and claddings.

Moments of truth: The technology agnostic

“When we talk to customers about developing a resin, the conversation is never about a single technology. In fact, you could call us technology agnostic – because we work with them all. It really starts with the question of what you’re looking to achieve, either with wet or dry paint. From there, we draw on our experience and in-house toolbox to find a solution. 

For example, we’re now developing 100% UV coatings for customers that can be complemented by a roller-coated liquid topcoat. Meanwhile, in external joinery applications, where we see a growing trend towards industrial finishing, we draw on our strength in mid coats and topcoats to find a finish that matches precisely what our customer – and their customer – needs.”

Jan Bouman, Industry Manager Industrial Wood

Coil innovation faces the ‘acid test’

“In years to come, as carbon footprints are increasingly scrutinized and regulation around the world tightens, we firmly believe that buildings – and coils – will contain lactic acid, succinic acid, adipic acid, terephthalic acid, and glycols.

Here at Covestro, we’re focused on how to replace traditional fossil-based raw ingredients in the polyester resin with new bio-based materials. Some of these are longer-term prospects, but some are ‘drop in’."

"Non-fossil-derived chemical building blocks are already produced by Covestro – for example, with our partner Reverdia – allowing us and our customers to choose a genuine bio-based alternative.

Of course, we know this is a challenge. Any replacement ingredient must be traceable; it must meet the price-performance ratio – and deliver 100% on warranty commitments. 

So, this is what our science team is now busy testing in our various labs. Does the resin deliver the coating properties we need? Is it resistant to salt spray, UV, and general outside exposure in the long term?" 

"As an industry, we need to create buildings that last the test of time. But the reality is that, the faster this segment grows, the greater its potential impact on the environment. 

There are certain practices we cannot allow to continue, which is why, at Covestro, we’re now taking ‘baby steps’ to reduce that carbon footprint.”

Arjan Elskamp, Program and Portfolio manager Can & Coil

Sustainable coil coatings for building façades

Creating a more sustainable coil industry is a challenge that stretches way beyond Covestro and our direct customers. That’s why we’re a proud member of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). It gives us a unique insight into the changing needs and desires of the entire value chain and, in this way, continues to drive our day-to-day innovation in painted metal. Whether it’s a primer, undercoat or topcoat, we’ve got you covered.

Low-cure, fast-bake powder coatings

In line with market demand for higher-performance powder coating resins for joinery and façades that still enables efficient manufacturing and lower carbon footprints, Covestro has developed the Uralac EasyCure platform. This powder coating resin family delivers excellent aesthetic, functional and environmental performance across a wide range of application areas.

Its unique benefits? EasyCure technology enables manufacturers to keep the same oven technology while reducing curing times by up to 50% – or to maintain the same curing times while dramatically lowering oven temperatures, and therefore energy consumption by between 30 and 45%. What’s more, EasyCure resins do this without compromising on flow or appearance – driving the viability of powder coating as a sustainable alternative. 

Investing in our shared future

The coatings business is increasingly global, which is why, at Covestro, we continue to invest in technology and capability to serve our customers in their local markets. 

Our plants in China and Taiwan are supported by a growing R&D center in Shanghai. Meanwhile, we recently completed a €15 million expansion of our plant in Meppen, Germany, with a particular focus on meeting the growing demand for coil and the need for BPA-free coatings in the can sector. When it comes to coating resins, we’re going places. Why not join us?

Could we help you solve your coating challenge?

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