It’s time for a plant-powered future!

Decorative coatings have to withstand heavy, daily use while maintaining their beautiful look and feel. What’s more, they need to be safe for applicators and end-users, low in VOCs, and pleasant to be around. Containing up to 52% plant-based content, our Decovery® paint resins enable all of this – a cleaner coating solution with maximum performance and minimal impact on people and planet.


Excellent functional performance – enabling you to make the highest-quality products.


Safer ingredients and very low VOC content make Decovery® healthier to work and live with.*
*Compared with conventional solvent-based alternatives 

More sustainable

Containing up to 52% plant-based content for a lower carbon footprint

Aim for Zero

Curious about the possibilities for incorporating more sustainable practices into your current project? Learn more about striving for zero oil together with us!

Paint with nature

The Decovery® portfolio’s biobased content is verified by the 14C standard for complete transparency – so you can help protect and beautify living environments in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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