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As concern for our climate grows, consumers and regulatory bodies alike are driving demand for solutions that protect people and planet. With sustainability at our core, we offer multiple solutions to help you meet these demands and keep ahead of regulatory compliance. In particular, we’re a pioneer of plant-based technologies – the next big innovation opportunity. And we’ll also work with you to explore what sustainability in the coatings industry can look like.


Containing up to 52% plant-based content and low in VOCs, our Decovery® paint resins can deliver a beautiful finish that lasts even under heavy use. Maximum performance and minimal impact on the planet we call home.

Decovery® solutions

Plant-based technologies present a major innovation opportunity – and we’re pioneers of this technology.

Dive deep into our plant-based solutions with us and explore their value, positioning, and how they meet market trends.

Sustainability dialogue

Together with you, we want to explore what sustainability in the coatings industry looks like: from the potential of plant-based technologies to the positioning of sustainable solutions.

To facilitate these discussions, we hold sustainability dialogues. Why not join us for the next one?

Time to put some plant in your paint?

Decorative coatings have to withstand heavy, daily use while maintaining their beautiful look and feel. What’s more, they need to be safe for applicators and end-users, low in VOCs, and pleasant to be around. Containing up to 52% plant-based content, our Decovery® paint resins enable all of this – a cleaner coating solution with maximum performance and minimal impact on people and planet.

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Developing sustainable solutions that meet market needs is a collaborative process. That’s why we offer workshops on the innovation process, sustainability issues, and technical solutions. They’ll help you unlock new ideas, explore new possibilities, and sharpen your innovation strategy.

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