NeoCryl® HP-4000

High-performance, moisture-resistant wall paint resins

Opening up new horizons in formulating moisture-resistant paint

Around the world, consumers are increasingly searching for more cleanable, stain-resistant wall paints that deliver high levels of functional performance – particularly in moist areas. But, all too often, the solutions available fail to meet these needs.

The solution? Covestro’s new NeoCryl® HP-4000 resin an all-in-one solution for premium wall paints in high-humidity areas. Thanks to its perfect water vapor permeability, NeoCryl® HP-4000 helps meet the need for moisture-resistant solutions in these areas. So, if you’re looking for a resin that drives high performance, cleanability, and moisture resistance, look no further.

An all-in-one solution 

Driven by this commitment, and leveraging our long expertise, we developed NeoCryl® HP-4000. A 100% acrylic self-crosslinking emulsion, this innovative resin provides a single solution for high-humidity areas, as well as enabling healthier, longer-lasting living environments. Specifically, its excellent early water resistance and low water uptake provide a unique moisture-resistant solution for moist rooms. At the same time, its excellent cleanability and resistance properties facilitate beautiful, longer-lasting paint finishes in a wide range of application areas – with less polishing and stain problems.

Enjoy healthier living environments

NeoCryl® HP-4000 is designed for tough applications: it can be easily formulated into hygienic paints for humid spaces. Specifically, its excellent early water resistance, low water absorption, and perfect water vapor permeability help meet the demand for better moisture-resistant performance. In particular, when tested against other benchmark paints for high-humidity areas, our resin demonstrated a low increase in weight after water exposure and a low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR).

In this way, it can help deliver unique benefits and make a house a home.

Next-level cleanability

NeoCryl® HP-4000 also helps to meet consumer demand for better cleanability. Specifically, with a scrub class of 1, it produces paint finishes that are easier for end-consumers to clean without wear or damage. It also delivers excellent burnishing resistance across a range of different test conditions. Furthermore, in a range of washability tests using several different markings, NeoCryl® HP-4000 scored very well, especially against highlighter, blue crayon, and orange marker. Indeed, on average, it performed equally to, or better than, the other benchmark resins tested. 

Key benefits of NeoCryl® HP-4000

Excellent water resistance

Perfect water vapor permeability

Scrub class 1

Good toughness - flexible and hard





*Ecolabel and Nordic Swan

Resistance, resistance, resistance

As well as facilitating easy-to-clean paint finishes,
NeoCryl® HP-4000 also helps to prevent stains and other damage. For example, it delivers excellent resistance to staining from a wide range of different materials – achieving one of the highest scores when tested against other benchmark resins for high-humidity area paints. In addition, it offers very low yellowing, a high elastic modulus, excellent König hardness, high tensile strength, and good toughness. All this means that it enables longer-lasting, cleaner paint systems for consumers to enjoy.

Outstanding processability

In addition to meeting end-consumer demands, NeoCryl® HP-4000’s unique combination of properties also brings a range of benefits to paint manufacturers and converters. In particular, by providing an all-in-one solution for high-humidity areas, NeoCryl® HP-4000 helps simplify supply decisions for manufacturers. Additionally, it’s easy for formulators and applicators to work with, delivering great drying times, good blocking, low sagging and film tension, and broad adhesion, whether it’s on walls, metal, wood, and tiles.

Opening horizons for safe, sustainable wall paint

This unique combination of properties also means that NeoCryl® HP-4000 enables healthier, more sustainable wall paints for decorative applications. For instance, its low VOC content makes it safer for end-consumers and applicators alike. And, thanks to its outstanding cleanability and resistance properties, it also allows paint systems to last longer, with less frequent recoating – helping mitigate the depletion of natural resources. 


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