NeoCryl® HP-1000

The multi-surface king of adhesion

Enabling healthier paint systems that last longer

Around the world, end users of trim and lacquer paints demand coatings that stick better – and for longer – to substrates. In fact, with the diversity of substrates in the building and construction industry growing rapidly, this is the number one area of improvement for trim and lacquer paints. The solution? The multi-surface king of adhesion, NeoCryl® HP-1000. Thanks to its unique properties, this innovative resin enables healthier paint systems that last longer and last better. 

Wave goodbye to sanding

With NeoCryl® HP-1000, sanding to improve adhesion is history! Thanks to its unique chemistry, the resin sticks to everything – under all conditions – saving you time and money in every paint job.

In addition, the elimination of the sanding step avoids the risk of exposure to the commonly released fine dust particles, which can cause serious health issues if the right precautions are not taken. This makes NeoCryl® HP-1000 good for you and good for the world! 

Adhesion that sticks, sticks and sticks

Building on our long tradition of developing innovative coating resins that drive new performance standards in paint systems, we have created NeoCryl® HP-1000. This one-of-a-kind resin ensure total and reliable adhesion. No more flaking, no more peeling, no more cracking – only beauty and protection for trim and lacquer paint systems. 

Delivering performance, whatever the substrate

Currently available priming solutions often fail to deliver performance across several substrates. Not so with NeoCryl® HP-1000, which offers excellent adhesion for a broad variety of sanded and unsanded substrates that are typically difficult to stick to. So, whether it’s a ceramic tile, galvanized steel or plastic, NeoCryl® HP-1000 will do its job excellently. 

Want to discover for yourself?

Benefits of NeoCryl® HP-1000

Whether you are a professional painter or a consumer that wants superior trim and lacquer paint systems, our unique resin has something for you. Its wide-ranging benefits mean that – whatever your role in the value chain – you can enjoy a next-level coating today.

Excellent and broad adhesion

Quick drying time

Smooth flow and leveling

No need for sanding

Healthier people, healthier world

NeoCryl® HP-1000 combines higher levels of functional performance with an exceptionally low environmental impact. In particular, formulations based on NeoCryl® HP-1000 can be developed at a very low volatile organic compound level, which meets – and exceeds – the latest health and safety guidelines and regulations around the world.