Trends & innovations

Keep ahead of the curve

Paint manufacturers are facing a rapidly changing decorative industry. In particular, demand is accelerating for solutions that deliver sustainability, health and safety, functionality and efficiency, and new emotional and sensory experiences. At the same time, regulatory standards are becoming stricter and stricter. We will help you meet these demands.


Safer, more sustainable solutions

As concern for our climate grows, consumers and regulatory bodies are driving demand for solutions that protect people and planet.

Our waterborne, plant-based resins, which meet demands for high performance and low VOC content, help you meet market trends and keep ahead of regulatory compliance.

Next-level functional performance

With a shortage of skilled painters, and DIY painting increasingly popular, consumers are increasingly searching for solutions that enable excellent functionality and efficiency.

Our broad toolbox of resin technologies provides solutions to meet a variety of paint needs – for instance, highly adhesive coatings that don’t require sanding.

New sensory experiences

Today, consumers don’t just look for high functional performance – they also want paints to deliver new emotional and sensory experiences.

Solutions like our self-matting resin technology, which enables ultra-matte paints with no matting agent required, help you meet these demands without compromising performance.

Could we help you solve your coating challenge?

No matter what the application, substrate or technology, there’s a good chance our team can help you.