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For all paint manufacturers, innovation and product improvement are essential drivers of sustainable growth. Market insights can be critical to developing the right solution – and that’s exactly what we offer, leveraging big data, search behavior, and a wide variety of interviews with painters, consumers, architects and contractors. With this approach, we help you sharpen your strategic innovation and shape new marketing concepts.

Trends & Innovations

Throughout the decorative industry, demand is accelerating for sustainable, safe solutions that still deliver functionality, efficiency, and new sensory experiences. At the same time, regulatory standards are becoming stricter. We help you meet these demands.

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We live in a fast-changing world. With new technologies disrupting entire industries, the only way to lead is to change. We strive to be a catalyst for this change by providing solutions that enable you to innovate successfully.

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Above all, we want to drive innovation in close collaboration with you. That’s why we hold customized ‘Insights 2 Innovations’ workshops. So, if you are curious how to translate insights into new innovations? Read more and sign up for our workshop today!

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Developing sustainable solutions that meet market needs is a collaborative process. That’s why we offer workshops on the innovation process, sustainability issues, and technical solutions. They’ll help you unlock new ideas, explore new possibilities, and sharpen your innovation strategy.

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