Decorative resin solutions

Meet our advanced resin toolbox

Our carefully engineered, innovative resins make a real difference to how your coatings perform. Our decorative portfolio draws together the widest range of waterborne acrylics, hybrids, tribrids, alkyds, urethanes, and plant-based solutions to support countless applications and substrates. So, whether your focus is interior or exterior wall paint, lacquers or primers, whether you’re looking for sustainability, durability, adhesion, or all of the above, we have you covered.

A family of waterborne acrylic resins for a variety of applications

NeoCryl® HP-1000

Non-sanding low-emission primer

NeoCryl® XK-14

Self-crosslinking multipurpose acrylic

NeoCryl® HP-4000

High-performance moisture-resistant wall paint

NeoCryl® A-820

The 100% acrylic universal workhorse

NeoCryl® XK-112

Self-crosslinking acrylic for flooring

NeoCryl® XK-555

2K acrylic flooring solution

NeoCryl® XK-82

The value engineered king

NeoCryl® XK-117

The bodybuilder

NeoCryl® XK-85

Versatile workhorse

NeoCryl® TX-208

Resins to improve flow and leveling and avoid dripping

NeoCryl® XK-240

Exterior coating for façade and wood

NeoCryl® XK-190

The ultra durable exterior wood façade

NeoCryl® XK-298

Durable and color remaining topcoats

NeoCryl® XK-89

Durable and color remaining decks and fences

Alkyd-and-acrylic urethane hybrids that outperform comparable blended systems

NeoPac™ PU-485

Fast drying low-yellowing high gloss trim

NeoPac™ E-108

NMP-Free Polyurethane for floor coatings

NeoPac™ E-128

Unique tribrid solution to achieve ultra performing topcoats

NeoPac™ E-180

Solvent-free aromatic urethane for strong floors

NeoPac™ E-225

Flawless and scratch-resistant trim paint

NeoPac™ OX-87

High performance polyurethane modified alkyd dispersion for multi-surface purpose

Waterborne alkyds and polyesters for a variety of applications

Uradil™ AZ-516

Amine- and cosolvent-free long oil alkyd emulsion for wood

Uradil™ AZ-524

Perfect wood penetration with flexibility and high durability

Uradil™ AZ-765

Xylene Free Boss of Gloss

Uradil™ AZ-785

Strong and brilliant high gloss trim paints

Waterborne urethane resins that give tough finishin for wooden floors

NeoRez® R-2180

Fabulous mechanical resistant 1K wooden floors

NeoRez® R-2190

Healthier and low in solvent demand 1k flooring solution

NeoRez® R-2005

Ideal blend partner to boost chemical resistance and hardness

A plant-based family of paint resins, ideal for many applications

Decovery® SP-8030

High performance healthier plant-based wood coating solution

Decovery® SP-8310

Improving outdoor durability with bio-based, breathable resins

Decovery® SP-8406

High performance plant-based resins to reduce CO2

Decovery® SP-2022

Protect the natural beauty of wooden floors

Decovery® SP-7450

Durable more sustainable wood coatings

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